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Our concrete blocks are known for their shape stability, their pure structure and of course their strength. Concrete blocks make up the backbone of many buildings in Nigeria not only because these blocks are often being used for constructing personal houses, but also because they are applied as a very cost-effective solution for constructing factories, production halls, public buildings like schools, hospitals, sports centres, office spaces. K&G concrete blocks are thus being used at places where a strong and durable outcome is desired, which is practically everywhere.
At K&G Industrial Concept Limited, we are producing our concrete blocks with only high-grade cement, sand and gravel. This is being done at our production facility in Ajah Lagos, ensuring that our products are made to meet the highest quality standards. The quality of our blocks is furthermore guaranteed by means of inspection and certification by recognized quality authority (SON).
The big advantage of our concrete blocks lies in their strength and durability. At the same time, K&G blocks are resistant against the pressure that may be exerted on them from the outside. This ideal combination of features makes K&G blocks perfect for constructing buildings in the industrial sector or agriculture, as well for living and working spaces – large buildings which are expected to be used extensively.
Give us a call today -0802-239-6417, or -0816-589-0101, to learn more about our products or visit our website www.kandgindustrial.com

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