2 Reason Why Concrete Building Materials Are Better
Concrete building materials outperform wood as a construction material, and won’t burden building owners with constant repair and maintenance costs. Versatile, long-lasting and durable, concrete is a cost-effective, sustainable choice for both residential and commercial buildings.
• Durable
When it’s built with concrete, it’s built to last. Concrete building materials gain strength over time. Concrete is durable – it resists weathering, erosion and natural disasters, needs few repairs and little maintenance, adding up to a solid investment. Life spans for concrete building products can be double or triple those of other common building materials.
• Safe
Concrete building materials are safe, secure and healthy for building occupants. Being an inert construction material, concrete does not burn. It also does not feed rot and mildew. It does not give off gas or any volatile organic compounds and provides excellent indoor air quality. Using concrete building materials for construction help prevent the entry of pollen, dust and other airborne pollutants. Concrete building materials are known to designers, engineers and builders. Construction techniques using concrete building materials have been refined over time and are well understood, unlike new materials or systems which could compromise health and safety. The structural integrity of concrete provides added protection against severe weather.
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