5 safety measure every construction worker must take

5 safety measures every construction worker must take

Regarded as one of the dangerous occupations, construction work can be considered anything but fully safe. Heights, large and mobile equipment, edges, deep holes, and wobbling stairs are a reality in many construction sites, no matter how modern or safe the contractors claim them to be. Here we look at five safety measures every construction worker must take.
• Double-Check Your Work Areas
Scaffolds and ladders are an integral part of most construction sites and are associated with a high number of injuries. So when you are going to be working on them, you must ensure your safety first. Check with your supervisor or find out yourself whether they have been inspected by a professional or a competent person
• Be Vigilant with Electricity and Equipment
Construction sites require a lot of electrical installations. Lifting equipment mostly involves electricity and weights. When working with such equipment, you need to be extra cautious to see there is no wear and tear in the machine and also to follow the safety precautions listed for the equipment. If you do not know them, seek help and instructions from a site supervisor or co-worker who has worked with the equipment before.
• Maintain Fencing and Prevent Fires
Notice the number of fatal injuries and falls that happen in areas where there is no fencing. Dangerous areas that you see without fencing or with broken and damaged fencing should be avoided until they are completely repaired or a proper fencing is in place. All workers should know the escape or exit route if a fire occurs. Knowing where the fire extinguishers are and how to use them may prove to be very advantageous in many situations and is therefore highly recommended. Employers should train workers to use this emergency equipment.
• Protective Apparel and PPE
Employers are supposed to provide their workers with proper protective gear and clothing. If you as a worker do not have them, demand them from your employer and wear them correctly. Well-fitted helmets and protective eyewear are a must. Ear plugs or muffs for working in noisy areas and protective gloves when dealing with toxic chemicals should be worn.
• Keep First Aid Close
While it may not be possible for workers to carry first aid supplies with them all the time, both the site supervisor and contractor should ensure that first aid is always accessible to the workers.
Safety plays a key role in keeping a construction project on schedule and on budget. That is why at K&G we believe that safety, quality, and productivity are inseparable and work hand in hand.


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