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At K&G we produce a comprehensive range of concrete blocks. K&G concrete blocks are produced for high loadbearing capacity and physical toughness which is required for foundation walls, partition walls and exterior walls. K&G blocks have a plain faced and smooth texture which is suitable background for accepting mortars, renders and plasters. Suitable for inner and outer leaf of external cavity wall of high-rise buildings. Some or all of the cores can be filled with concrete and steel rebar to form extremely strong reinforced walls with high resistance to lateral loads which is ideal for lining swimming pools and ponds. The grazed nature of our concrete bricks makes them affordable and effective solution for structures that are exposed to heavy moisture such as car wash. Concrete blocks from K&G are produced not to exhibit the two most common inherent problems of concrete blocks Рcracking and efflorescence. K&G blocks have good insulating properties against sound, heat and dampness. Available in hollow forms. Sizes are as follow 9x9x18 inches, 6x9x18 inches and 9 inches. All our products meet SON and ISO standards. At K&G Industrial Concept Limited we pour quality in all our products. We believe that the key to success as a business is to ensure the very best standards of quality and customer service which is one of the reasons why we have continually grown as a business since 2008. For more details, call 08022396417 or visit our website www.kandgindustrial.com

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